Shooting Tips

Fun with Airguns

Break out your air rifles, air pistols, airsoft guns, and RAM markers and get outside and have some fun with your closest friends and family. There are many games and targets for air guns that will excite you and challenge your competitive nature.

The first rule when setting up a game or competition is to always observe gun safety rules. Think about what might get hit if a shooter misses the intended target. Once you’ve determined the area you’re using is safe and legal, the fun can begin.

Umarex Morph 3XThere are many types of targets you can buy—spinning, shattering, and paper targets for example, but you don’t have to buy a target. If you use your imagination, airgun shooting can be convenient as well as fun and competitive for all ages. For example, a box of animal cookies could easily become a miniature silhouette range or if set up in various locations a safari hunt. Exploding a small piece of fruit with a gun like the Umarex Morph 3X or seeing who can bust a shredded mini-wheat with a BB gun is challenging.  Just imagine the explosion of a cheese ball or nacho chip! How about a lollipop! Take a look in your cabinets – consumable foods make great targets because they can be left as treats for wildlife.

Look around the outdoors, there’s all kinds of natural targets. Line up a row of acorns, stack some pine cones, or for a real air rifle challenge, hang a small branch with a leaf on it against a safe backstop and see who can shoot the leaf off the branch.

Beretta Elite IIIf you have a competitive nature, try knocking down golf tees or picking off toothpicks at 10-meters. Place a cocoa puff on top of a golf tee and hit the puff. If you want to see who’s airgun has more energy, see how far your airgun’s projectile will penetrate a bar of soap. On a windy day, put a small object on a swaying branch to create a moving target. To determine who’s the quickest shot, shoot at little green army men with your semi-auto BB pistol like the Beretta Elite II.

If you’re shooting an air gun with a youth, or someone that likes a target that provides a big reaction when hit, items that make noise or bust are best. Balloons, lollipops, tiny canisters partially filled with flour, and cap gun caps are great ideas. Charcoal briquets provide a good reaction as do packets of ketchup and mustard—just be prepared to hose down the mess.

Use your imagination when choosing airgun targets and your whole family will have fun shooting while becoming sharp-shooters without realizing it.

Spring Rifle Shooting Tips

For Air Rifles Powered by a Coiled Spring

Here are some tips on breaking-in and shooting a spring-powered air rifle:

  • Spring piston airguns, including break barrel, side lever, and under lever, typically require 500-1,000 shots to break in properly. Groups may be erratic for the first 100+ shots.
  • DO NOT bench rest on ANY solid objects! NO part of the gun should rest on a rigid surface or object.
  • Utilize sand bags, pillows, or folded quilts as a shooting surface.
  • A springer’s* barrel is NEVER to rest on any surface when shooting.
  • Position the rifle so that it is resting and pointing at a specific target point without being held. You can then ease into the shooting position without changing sight picture. By taking out as much of the “Human Factor” of holding the rifle, your accuracy will most likely improve.
  • SQUEEZE the trigger – pulling the trigger and or jerking the trigger will result in terrible accuracy.
  • Follow Through is Very Important. Try not to blink when the rifle fires and continue to focus on the precise point of aim.
  • Always hold the rifle “loosely” at the forearm and in the shoulder. Spring guns usually become inaccurate when held tightly.
  • Changing your shooting position or grip can and will affect your point of impact.
  • Scopes are to be mounted with 2.75″ to 3″ of eye relief.
  • DO NOT pull the trigger when the barrel is broken over. The barrel will fly up causing a bent barrel and could result in serious injury to you or someone else. Also, a cracked and/or broken stock may occur.
  • Each air rifle is an individual and has its own characteristics. To achieve the best performance, you should try an RWS Sampler pack of pellets to see which ammo your air gun shoots the most accurately.
  • Use only high quality pellets in your air gun, such as RWS air rifle pellets. RWS Airgun Pellets are much cleaner and manufactured to more exacting tolerances than many other brands.
  • Do not dry fire your spring air rifle as this can damage your rifle.

*A “springer” is an air rifle that utilizes a coiled spring inside the gun’s receiver.